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1/23/09 2:15:25PM
Glover Teixeira
Record: 6-2

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs Glover Teixeira

Glover Teireira vs Buckley Acosta (poor quality)

Glover Teixeira vs Jorge Oliveira

Jim "Judo" Wallhead
Record: 15-5

Note...tried out for TUF 9 and was told he was too good for the show.

Jim Wallhead vs. Dennis Siver

Jim Wallhead vs. Henning Svendsen
Jim Wallhead vs. Steve Singh-Sidhu

Jim Wallhead vs Xander Nel
Jim Wallhead vs. Steve Matthews
Jim Wallhead vs. Peter Angerer
Jim Wallhead vs. Leslee Ojugbana

Jim Wallhead Vs Stevie Lynch
Jim Wallhead vs. Camara Bouna

Ricardo Lamas
Record: 5-0

Ricardo Lamas Highlight
Gabe Miranda vs Ricardo Lamas Warriors Collide 6

Mario Miranda
Record: 5-0

Elite grappler and ADCC vet, has a recent victory over UFC newcome Joe Vedepo and upcoming prospect Ricky Story.

Mario Miranda vs Joe Vedepo

Valentino "Battista" Petrescu
Record: 9-0

Valentino "Battista" Petrescu Highlights

Brett Cooper
Record: 7-4

A young fighter in his early twenties...started off rough...but opened some eyes by knocking out Rory Markham.

Brett Cooper Highlights

Brett Cooper vs. Rory Markham: Round 1
Brett Cooper vs. Rory Markham: Round 2
Brett Cooper vs. Patrick Speight

Will continue to be updated...
1/23/09 2:35:06PM
cool list.
1/23/09 3:07:52PM
cool thread.

my top prospect is josh 'the gringo' russell (2-0 mma) lw bjj ace from canada.
jason macdonalds bjj professor.

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1/23/09 4:54:25PM
If I'm not mistaken King Mo is only 3-0 right now. I'd say that still qualifies him as a prospect.
1/23/09 4:57:32PM
nice thread also i like how you added videos and pics to back up your claims
1/23/09 5:01:30PM
this is actually the nest thread i've seen here. i wish i wasnn't an idiot on the computer i'd add to it. again nice fukin job!!
1/23/09 5:32:37PM
Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante, cant wait for this guy to get into the UFC.
1/23/09 5:46:37PM
Cain Velasquez.
1/23/09 6:15:28PM
T.J Grant
1/23/09 6:21:27PM
Travis Fulton...needs to get some more fights under his belt, but big things could be in store for him
1/23/09 6:58:41PM
1/23/09 8:21:27PM
1/25/09 1:45:33PM
Mario for sure. He has kind of got the shaft at ADCC, Garcia and Drysdale, how unlucky is that?
1/26/09 1:16:40AM

Jake Rosholt
Record: 5-0, 4 KO's, 1 SUB
1/26/09 4:51:56PM
Well one of our prospects "Brett Cooper" just racked up another impressive victory at Affliction, so I will update his record and post his most recent fight shortly...

One of the top camps in Brazil right now Nova Uniao has a ton of hot prospects especially at the lighter weight divisions, so expect to see a lot more coming to the WEC, here's a few guys who you'll probably hear about in the next couple years...

Leonardo Santos
Record: 6-2

Another ADCC vet (who had an awesome flying armbar over GSP), started off his career losing a decision to Takanori Gomi but in late 07' got a huge win over former Black House member Rafael "Manteiga" Bastos, and has been winning ever since...

Leonardo Santos vs. Georges "Rush" St. Pierre ADCC 2005
Leonardo Santos vs Alan Lopes

Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas
Record: 6-1

He is listed as being from Brazil, but I am pretty sure he is actually from Argentina. Only 19 years old and a high level BJJ BB, his only loss came via DQ. He has a great build for a 135lbs, and I expect we'll see him in the WEC very soon.

Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas vs Fabio Oliveira Round 1
Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas vs Fabio Oliveira Round 2
Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas vs Fabio Oliveira Round 3
Eduardo Dantas vs Shinichi "BJ" Kojima Rd 1
Eduardo Dantas vs Shinichi "BJ" Kojima Rd 2
Eduardo Dantas vs Shinichi "BJ" Kojima Rd 3
1/28/09 7:09:12AM
1/29/09 1:15:04AM
2 185'ers with some potential....

Alexandre "Vaca" Moreno (8-1)

Alexandre Moreno vs. Jerry Spiegel

His one blemish on his record came to the guy below, in this fight.Alexandre Moreno vs Justin Torrey

Justin Torrey(4-0)

Justin Torrey vs Elias Rivera
1/29/09 1:43:47AM
Ben Askren (0-0) 4 time all american, 3rd on the div1 all-time pins list (91)..set to make his debut in a couple weeks (feb 7th)

Wilson Reis (6-0) BJJBB bantamweight with improving standup..recently signed with Bellafort

Marcos De Matta (3-0) highly decorated BJJBB, out of ATT

Chris Manuel (7-0) fights out of the WEC now, is a BJJBB and instructor at ATT.
1/29/09 3:39:31AM
Evan Dunham (7-0)

Great young prospect out of Extreme Couture who just won a tough match against Dustin Akbari, who is one of Faber's bright young prospects.

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1/31/09 1:58:51PM
What ever happened to this guy?

Daniel Puder(6-0) Trains out of the AKA camp.

Daniel Puder vs Michael Alden
Daniel Puder HL
2/1/09 5:47:51PM
I've got my eyes on Bobby Lashley and Jon Jones
2/2/09 6:23:40PM

Posted by tlangley

I've got my eyes on Bobby Lashley and Jon Jones

I think everyone has there eyes on jon jones right now.
2/2/09 6:32:22PM

Posted by tlangley

I've got my eyes on Bobby Lashley and Jon Jones

Jon Jones is lookin good right now I do have to agree.
2/3/09 3:06:54PM
Jeff Lawson
Record: 13-2

An early favorite to win this seasons TUF as a lightweight. His only losses have been one due to a cut, and another loss to another early favorite to win TUF 9 Andre Winner. He does a ton of crazy acrobatic moves, and also practices capoeira. He's one of my favorite UK fighters and by then end of TUF 9, will be a favorite of many others.

11-0 Amateur Record – Defeated Alex Owen and Paul Jenkins
On British Sport Jiu Jitsu Team
Former National Judo Squad Member as a judo 3rd Dan.
Has international medals with the IJJF, ISJA, and WCJJO.
Was added to UFC 95 vs Shannon Gugerty but the fight was removed from UFC.COM, as was his profile.

Jeff Lawson Highlights
Jeff Lawson -vs- Adam Dicks

2/3/09 3:26:28PM

Posted by Wolfenstein

Jeff Lawson
Record: 13-2

i would really like to seem him pull off a capoeira move or two on the show...maybe get some more unorthodox striking in the UFC like Jon Jones.
2/4/09 6:55:38PM
Johnny Hendricks- NCAA Wrestling Champ. 4-0 in MMA

Phil Davis- NCAA Wrestling Champ 2-0 in MMA

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2/17/09 7:54:35PM
Haven't updated this for a bit so I thought I would pick out a couple more upcoming prospects that are on the verge of making it into the big shows. Specifically there are a few more big prospects at Team Noguiera. So we're going to see a lot more than just Junior Dos Santos coming out of this camp.

Andre is one of the most skilled submission stylists at 185lbs, and while you would expect him to be a BJJ practitioner, he is actually a Luta Livre fighter. He needs to work on his hands (but they are improving) and takedowns, but his submissions are dangerous, and he is well known for his trademark move--the anaconda choke--which he has achieved six victories with.

Andre "Chatuba" Santos
Record: 14-1

Andre Santos Highlights

Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante
Record: 7 - 1

Very well rounded, and has yet to be challenged. He absolutely steamrolled through the competition at Pro Elite, and should he move over to Strikeforce I don't see anyone who can challenge him except for the champ Ranto Sobral. His only loss was due to a DQ. The one negative is he needs to get in better shape, but certainly has all the tools to be a top LHW.

Rafael Feijao Vs. Wayne Cole
Rafael Feijao vs. Travis Galbraith
HIghlight Rafael Feijão (starts with some pics and eventually goes into some vid clips)

2/17/09 8:50:23PM
2/22/09 5:40:57PM

Posted by ncordless

Evan Dunham (7-0)

Great young prospect out of Extreme Couture who just won a tough match against Dustin Akbari, who is one of Faber's bright young prospects.

Make that 8-0
2/25/09 6:10:35PM
Looks like another one of our prospects is getting a shot...Ricardo Lamas will be stepping in to face Bart Palaszewski...unfortunately it seems like someone has suddenly removed all of the film on youtube of him.
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