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7/18/08 10:34:14PM
IRVING, Texas -- Drake Dudley tries to not move his face while his father smears it with Vaseline, but something across the ring is troubling the young fighter.
"He's wearing small gloves," Drake says, his voice distorted by his mouthpiece.
"He's wearing the same ounces as you -- 14s," says his father, Kirk.
Smaller gloves would mean less padding over the other boy's fists.
"Should I circle more or go inside?" Drake asks.
"Try to hold your center of the ring," Kirk says. "Always look for your strength shot."
Drake nods.

7/18/08 11:12:17PM
wow. thats a great article. kids nuts
7/19/08 12:21:31AM
great read.
7/19/08 3:33:58AM
now that kid is a boss
im around his age
hopefully hell be in my weight class and some day ill get the chance to fight him
7/19/08 4:05:21AM
403-63 now that is some record for a 14 year old

Nice read
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