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1/24/07 9:40:03PM
Anyone know of any other good ones?

I've got the following in iTunes already.

The SavageDog
Full Contact Fighter
MMA Cast
MMA Radio

Those ones are cool, but having more variety is always a good thing, well sometimes. I'm looking for more BJJ podcasts but haven't had any luck.
1/25/07 3:26:27AM
1/25/07 4:31:28AM
yeah, beatdown is the best
1/25/07 1:25:59PM
Cool thanks! I'll go look for the Beatdown podcast.
1/26/07 11:47:52AM
the beatdown's the onyl one i've heard that was any good.
1/26/07 5:12:57PM
Yeah the Beatdown does seem to have an edge over the others I've listened to. I looked on their site and found that they have an archive their podcasts, but when I try to listen to them it asks for a User Name and Password.

I do have a Sherdog username and pw but those don't seem to work. You guys know if you have to a pay account on SD to listen to the archived Podcasts?

I'll look right now and will post the findings.

So for the archives you have to be an Insider, which requires a membership fee. Oh well, it's not expensive and you can just pay for a month which isn't too bad.
1/28/07 2:43:02PM
where can I find these podcasts
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