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POLL: Which (T)KO?
UFC 94 Lyoto Machida v Thiago Silva = Punch 15% (6)
UFC 95 Terry Etim v Brian Cobb = Head Kick 8% (3)
UFC 95 Paulo Thiago v Josh Koshcheck = Punch 3% (1)
UFC 95 Dan Hardy v Rory Markham = Punch 8% (3)
UFC 96 Matt Hamill v Mark Munoz = Head kick 56% (22)
UFC 96 Shane Carwin v Gabriel Gonzaga = Punch 10% (4)
6/8/09 1:49:48PM
The final 6 of round 1 are:

6/8/09 1:51:16PM
Ive gone for Matt Hamill, it was such an explosive finish and not the way you would expect Hamill to finish a fight.
6/8/09 2:05:31PM
I took Thiago over Kos. I came close to shatting all over Buffalo Wild Wings.
6/8/09 2:15:13PM
I was at UFC 95 and it was a WTF moment. Quality.
6/8/09 2:36:33PM
I honestly think Matt Hamill's might've been the best, cuz I was screaming REALLY loud at the TV when I saw this...

But I actually stood up and shouted MACHIDA at the MGM Grand when I saw him KO Silva... Imagine that finish after a night of decisions... going with that.
6/8/09 5:57:44PM
Had to go with Hammer. I can still hear the crack of his shin hitting Munoz's head. Everyone at the bar groaned every time they showed the replay
6/8/09 6:21:28PM
i gotta go with matt
i was at the event and i never saw it coming very exciting finish
6/8/09 9:28:22PM
Matt Hamil's head kick is by far the best of the listed.
6/8/09 11:11:39PM
Had to give it to Hamill. I love head kicks to begin with, and Munoz KO'd himself again with his own knee!
6/8/09 11:20:30PM
Hammil no doubt.
6/9/09 1:03:05PM
Matt Hamill advances to the next round.
6/9/09 2:27:09PM
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