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POLL: Which (T)KO?
UFC 82 Yushin Okami v Evan Tanner = Knee 7% (3)
UFN 13 Anthony Johnson v Tommy Speer = Punch 12% (5)
UFN 13 James Irvin v Housten Alexander = Superman punch 19% (8)
UFN 13 Thiago Alves v Karo Parisyan = Knee 0% (0)
UFC 84 Wanderlei Silva v Keith Jardine = Punches 44% (19)
UFC 84 BJ Penn v Sean Sherk = Flying knee and punches 19% (8)
6/4/09 1:57:15PM
The next 6 are:

6/4/09 1:58:06PM
I have gone for Irvins beautiful superman punch.
6/4/09 2:09:05PM
Yeah I went with the sandman, but second was AJ's punch on speer.
6/4/09 2:44:05PM
Some good (t)kos here. I went with Penn's flying knee and punches. Sherk had never been finished like that. Anthony Johnson was a close second but the fact it was Tommy Speer dropped it down a notch for me.
6/4/09 5:35:42PM
Wandy ftw because of sheer savageness.
6/4/09 9:29:55PM
As much as I love Wanderlei's Rape Choke KO of Jardine, I went with BJ Penn's KO, I just love that knee.
6/5/09 1:29:52AM
Eandy or Anthony for me, both were brutal rapings like u'd see happen in a prison movie or something. Johnson got my vote though because Speer was hunched against the cage in a frightening way. Sick speed with power!
6/5/09 7:12:01AM
Cole Millers KO of Andy Wang IMO.

Nah lol gotta go with the rape choke.
6/5/09 11:21:32AM
I took Johnson's because it was the first fight I ever saw of his and he completely ruined Speer.
6/5/09 3:22:13PM
Wanderlei Silva advances.
6/5/09 7:34:28PM
very close on some fights but i liked the best was the penn knee to sherk
6/5/09 8:45:31PM
Rape choke ftw!
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