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POLL: Which (T)KO?
UFC 38 Mark Weir v Eugene Jackson = Flying punch 8% (3)
UFC 38 Ian Freeman v Frank Mir = Punches 3% (1)
UFC 39 Phil Baroni v Dave Menne = Punches 28% (11)
UFC 40 Chuck Liddell v Renato Sobral = Head Kick 13% (5)
UFC 47 Nick Diaz v Robbie Lawler = Punch 31% (12)
UFC 47 Chuck Liddell v Tito Ortiz = Punch 18% (7)
5/29/09 2:39:22PM
The next 6 are:

5/29/09 2:40:44PM
Theres some big KO's from big fighters in this section but im gonna vot for Weir, he just flew across the octagon for one of the fastest UFC ko's.
5/29/09 2:53:23PM
hands down Baroni vs Menne
5/29/09 4:12:18PM
Baroni vs Menne, just a brutal and fast KO, it's one of the best KO's eva.
5/30/09 12:35:49AM
my vote is for baroni unleashing hell on menne
5/30/09 5:09:42AM
Hey Bustamunch sign the dotted line chump! I'm the man! I'm the best! I want my fuken belt!!
5/30/09 5:20:13PM
Baroni just pips Diaz to advance to the next round.
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