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POLL: Which Sub?
UFC 51 Pete Sell v Phil Baroni = Guillotine choke 0% (0)
UFC 52 Matt Hughes v Frank Trigg = RNC 28% (10)
UFC 54 Randy Couture v Mike Van Arsdale = Anaconda choke 6% (2)
UFC 57 Jeff Monson v Brandon Lee Hinkle = North/south choke 44% (16)
UFN 6.5 Jason MacDonald v Ed Herman = Triangle choke 14% (5)
UFC 66 Jason MacDonald v Chris Leben = Modified guillotine choke 8% (3)
5/30/09 5:27:09PM
The next 6 are:
5/30/09 5:28:27PM
There was some good subs here, but ill always remember the moment Hinkles eyes rolled into the back of his head, which is why I voted for Monson.
5/30/09 5:31:14PM
IMO Babalu vs Heath - Anaconda choke

Greatest would probably have to be Hazzelet's armbar on Burkman. That was sick
5/30/09 5:39:17PM
I love the North-South Choke, but I voted for Jason Macdonald submitting Ed Herman, it was great upset, and a great Triangle. These "Greatest Sub" votes are so hard for me because every submission listed is just amazing.
5/30/09 6:41:54PM
Once again, tough choice for this one. Had to give it to the Monson north/south choke though, crazy submission and you could watch Hinkle slip in unconsciousness.
5/30/09 8:27:25PM
Monson for sure off that list!!!
5/31/09 2:54:31PM
Monson cruises into the next round.
6/1/09 9:45:02AM
have to go with jeff monson as well
man i hope he comes back to the ufc
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