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2/9/09 12:11:52AM
I'm in if there's still room
2/9/09 12:17:37AM
hurry hurry count me in.............
2/9/09 12:22:59AM
I pity the fool who ends up with me on their team....

I'm down...
2/9/09 12:26:53AM
I'd play if theres any more room?
2/9/09 12:52:29AM
I got dibbs on being one of the eight captains.
2/9/09 1:01:51AM
im in if theres room
2/9/09 1:17:48AM
Hope I'm not the last picked. That would suck
2/9/09 1:42:50AM
I'm down if there is room.
2/9/09 1:54:02AM
sign me up if theres room
2/9/09 2:11:58AM
I want in
2/9/09 2:19:06AM
Thanks for the heads up wolfenstien, im in if there is room.
2/9/09 2:31:51AM
I totally want in on this if there is still room.
2/9/09 5:44:16AM

Posted by Jackelope

Posted by Wolfenstein

Posted by Jackelope

I'm down, too. Except how about this for an idea-

We pick captains of each team and we have a draft for members. Almost like pick up b-ball games lol

I love it! The only thing is, how would we go about picking captains?

Take the highest scorers from the last event? I dunno, I'm up for any way. I don't really think it matters

If that were to happen i'd be a captain. I'd be going from 16th seed to el capitano too funny
2/9/09 6:00:20AM
im always in
2/9/09 8:01:39AM
I hope theres still room....I love these GP's
2/9/09 8:51:12AM
I'm in if it's not too late.
2/9/09 9:12:13AM
Ill play if I can. Only just saw this thread

Edit - Is this going to be like a league or a grand prix type of thing? Guess if its the latter im to late....
2/9/09 11:13:13AM
I'm in if I can get in
2/9/09 1:37:06PM
i'd like to join too
2/9/09 2:27:25PM
I'll sign up as well.
Beardotheweirdo is at my crib, so he will join as well.

So sign us both up.

2/9/09 2:57:51PM
I'd like to join if i still can..
2/9/09 3:21:50PM
ill sign up
2/9/09 4:02:41PM
I'll have a go at it.
2/9/09 4:26:57PM
can i join
2/9/09 4:29:10PM
I want in if theres room
2/9/09 5:43:06PM
Obviously we aren't doing 8 teams of four, so how is this going to break into teams? Are we going to have more captains with teams of four or eight captains with teams larger than four?
2/9/09 5:46:48PM

Posted by breakdown5

Obviously we aren't doing 8 teams of four, so how is this going to break into teams? Are we going to have more captains with teams of four or eight captains with teams larger than four?

I'm still thinking eight teams, the teams will probably just be a little bigger. It's possible we could get 50 players and make it ten teams, but I'd like to limit the amount of captains because there's obviously going to be a small window of time to choose teams before the event happens. Ideally I'm hoping we get 56 so we can do 8 teams with 7 players each.

On that note, if anyone wants to be a captain just speak up. I'll give first dibs to the player with the higher point total this season, but if any of the big boys don't want to be a captain it'll go tothe members who want it.
2/9/09 6:01:32PM
i'll be a captain
2/9/09 6:12:46PM
I will take a captain position if it is open to me.
Will bring my back to High School dodgeball days.
God I loved that game.
War Dodgeball!
2/9/09 6:19:46PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

i'll be a captain

Are you sure your qualified? I heard you raped someone
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