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12/29/08 8:40:15AM
Well I would like to thank Pick 'Emfleek, babalu2720 RomoSexual Tendencies, DCRage, We Are 138, Dallas cowmen, chuckw94,Titties N' Beer, MKIV9secsupra for making it fun but I The postman am the MMA Playground Pick 'Em regular seson Champ! I was not to sure if it would be fun without the spread but I liked the game and hope we get together next season and do it agian!
12/29/08 9:44:00AM
Congrats, man!
12/29/08 11:00:27AM
That was back and forth most of the way I had alot of fun with it.
12/29/08 11:27:11AM
Props for tha championship... i got out of the running about 5 or 6 weeks into it cause i missed my picks. still was pretty fun, ill be back next season fo sho.
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