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8/29/07 6:19:28PM
Hi my name is Jacob and I'm a huge MMa fan! I post like a maniac at sherdog all day when I can and read all the news. I found out about this site and had to check it out. Well I wish everyone the best of luck with their bets!
8/29/07 6:56:29PM
hi welcome good luck to you to love to see new people joining the site be sure to throw me some props
8/29/07 11:02:56PM
Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy the site, from one Jacob to another Jacob.
8/30/07 8:49:28AM
I love this site. I'm a huge fantasy sports player and when i found out about MMA Fantasy i went crazy. I'm a UFC addict and i can't get enough of the fastest growing sport in the history of humanity MMA Fighting.
8/30/07 8:47:11PM
yea im in nfl.com fantasy and will be in basketball soon so this is perfect...thanks for all the hellos!
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