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9/28/07 12:12:34PM
how many more fights are left in season 2. i need to know so i can make a come back and beat all you other people(lmao). just kiddin i know im no where near the top spot but i just wanted to know how many more? thanks
9/28/07 12:17:31PM
4 more
9/28/07 3:53:59PM
after this ppv ufc 77 there will be three so yea 4 total left
10/1/07 3:56:50PM
It will end perfectly at the end of the year with the Xmas supershow UFC 79

4 events to go = 77,78,TUF6 Finale, then 79

Thats a nice way for it to go, those deserved winners will get a nice cash prize as a belated xmas pressie
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