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11/27/08 1:00:45PM
Former UFC champion and twelve-year MMA veteran Carlos Newton (13-13) will return to action for the first time since October 2007 in the main event of "W1: Inception."

The debuting Canadian organization recently released the details of their debut event.

11/27/08 1:10:07PM
wow i did not know his record was that bad but still he is a pionner plus the guy is just 32 so this might be a big return
11/27/08 1:25:46PM
good for him, its nice to see him get in there again although im not going to be holding my breath that ill be seeing the same fighter from years ago, he has had a huge fall from grace.
11/27/08 2:04:20PM
He looked about 210 to 220 last time I saw him. He got fat. I don't know if he can make MW again.
11/27/08 3:20:35PM
Wow...some guys peak early's gotta suck though being remembered for being slammed into unconsciousness!!
11/27/08 7:50:56PM
I didn't realize he was that young. It will all depend on what Carlos shows up to fight. hopefully he can win and keep on winning. At 32 he could make it back to the UFC.
11/28/08 12:31:45AM
OK, 'The Ronin" is back. So who do you guys think he will fall victim to first?
11/28/08 6:53:42PM
I wanna see him back in the UFC. He had some damn good jiu jitsu in that hughes fight.
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