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1/24/08 10:18:55AM
At the moment of this writing, this article is the first item listed on the homepage of Why o why? Who knows?!
1/24/08 10:25:32AM
I read on one of my wrestling/MMA news sources last night (before the event) that Sly was expected to be in attendance, largely to promote (or cross-promote) Rambo. That's probably why.
1/24/08 10:34:42AM
Yes - the cross-promotion thing is a mixed blessing. We want there to be sponsors of course, but it does get tedious.

Certainly not newsworthy.
1/24/08 10:38:11AM
IMO I feel like this is put on the UFC website simply because of the second to last quote of Stallone. Talking about how MMA has taken over boxing, and how much he loves it. The whole interview could have been about bunny rabbits, and with one line about MMA doing better than boxing and I think they still would have put it on the site.
1/24/08 1:49:34PM
If anything he looks like he either came out of a fight or wasn't wearing any makeup. Found this picture as evidence:

Like most Sly pics, I think that warrants a "Yo, Adrian!"
1/25/08 12:29:26AM
Yes its ******* news worthy!! Only way I'd even buy the paper..
4/25/08 5:54:05PM
check out the "son of Rambow"
movie thats coming out- (IMDB)

looks way better that "Grambo"
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