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1/30/07 3:56:37AM
What is your take on organizations like Bodog and New Era Fighting that are staging real MMA fights but they script storylines in between matches. I personally hope to see thes organizations crash and burn. I HATE "pro" wrestling and It would be a sad day for MMA to see it become a gimmick. To think all of thefighters acting like Shonie Carter.
1/30/07 4:54:44AM
This is news to me. How do they script storylines between the matches? Do they hype up the matches by saying guys hate each other, or is this full on WWE make-believe?
1/30/07 9:24:53AM
I don't think that MMA will ever be that extreme. With fights backstage before the actaul fight ever happens. Also MMA is not fake, unlike wrestling.
1/30/07 11:00:03AM
i hope not and pretty sure it will never get that bad but bodog was brutal
2/22/07 7:38:30AM
Wow i honestly did not know this also, this is horrible and i aswell wish companies with that mentality all the worst luck in the world and hope the run outa buisness soon.
2/22/07 7:50:38AM
Yeah... even if they are pulling in the same demographic MMA shouldn't take anything from wrestling. The whole reason a lot of people are coming to MMA is because wrestling was all they had that was anywhere close to entertaining fights, but now they have the real thing and it'll only grow.
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