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6/1/08 4:53:14PM

Posted by GrandMaster313

I think Dana should make a 1 time deal with another major network and air a fight card , one that would be far superior to what we saw last night just to rub it in Gary Shaw's face!!!

the networks want to much control, Thats why this event looked like WWE.
6/1/08 5:38:46PM
I completely agree, it was embarassing
6/1/08 6:51:46PM
Did you guys just see Dana White on sports center? It was to funny it looked like he wanted to cus that writer out on TV
6/1/08 7:02:08PM
Everything in this article is spot on! I was saying all these things last night while the event was happening. I am embarrassed and horrified that this was 'mainstream media's' intro to MMA. Horrible!!! This whole thing set the sport back at least another year!
6/1/08 8:07:57PM

Posted by tuvok500

Elite/XC on CBS was the worst thing i have ever seen.

worse than yamma?
6/1/08 10:14:44PM
I was very disappointed. If that is how they are going to represent mma on primetime, I think it is not a step forward, but a step back. Cheesy entrances, controversial stoppages, bad commentating.

To say that CBS is just trying to be careful while introducing the sport of mma to the world is just plain bs. If people do not see the sport the way the rest of us have been seeing it for years now, how will they understand why we love the sport the way we do. They won't.

Go back to Showtime EXC. I enjoyed watching you there. If your next CBS show resembles this one, I see bad things happening.

What if when they introduced football they made it two hand touch instead of tackle, because they wanted to be careful when they introduced it to the general public? People dont want to see touch football, they want to see tackles. And people don't want to see a fight almost finished, they want to see it FINISHED!!

Two Thumbs down to EXC/CBS for a poor representation of the sport.
6/2/08 8:46:35AM
This is CBS guys. They are gonna do "corny" stuff for the non-MMA fans. They got rappers singing in the intros, ok kind of sucked. Long walks, meh. But the fights were not that bad. I enjoyed the hell out of the carano fight and the smith/lawler fight even more. Kimbo fight wasnt too bad either.

This is their first event on such a huge stage. Give them time to work all this excess crap out. Im sure CBS had alot to do with all of the crappy portions of the shows. I do think they need new commentators though.... Shamrock wasn't bad, the other dude suxed
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