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5/1/12 6:45:36AM
8 of our MMA Mentalists, Ray Thompson, Jay Jeans, Matt Budgell, Josh Luke, Shaun Atkinson, Rob Sieradzki, Ben Cooper and Jeremy Anger have all posted there Top 10 rankings.

And for the first time we have also ranked are 10 favourite fighters. These rankings are done by members of the site, if any one else would like to become part if the team that do the rankings then please post your name and I will include you for next month.

5/1/12 4:34:00PM
Our favourites list is very interesting.
5/1/12 4:36:22PM
A lot of different types of fighters, I was pleased to see Bisping on top!
5/2/12 3:20:27AM
I'd be down to throw in my rankings to the mix. nudge nudge
5/2/12 3:28:41AM
Nice one, ill message you before the next ones are due!
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