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5/5/12 9:27:10AM
The MMA Mental UK Rankings were compilied by Ray Thompson, Jay Jeans and Sean Atkinson.

MMA Mental UK Rankings - May
5/5/12 3:15:04PM
How are you scoring these rankings? it says the points they have next to their name but there's no explaination. Just asking because Doolan's last 6 fights he has gone 1.3.2 according to Sherdog and makes the top 5. Brum is 4 and 2 and ranks the same
5/5/12 3:29:23PM
I'm pretty sure the 3 voters make their ranking and then points are awarded 5 to 1st, 4 to 2nd, 3 to 3rd, 2 to 4th, 1 to 5th for each of the 3 who are ranking.

Rabi is always open to more people sending in their ranking tho to encompass a broader range of opinions.
5/5/12 3:31:48PM
OK cool. It was a bit unclear
5/5/12 3:54:11PM
Thanks Kpro thats right.

Pablo, if you would like to take part then that would be great, we do them every month.
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