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2/28/12 2:32:50AM
As of yet there isn't a forum, the only way to discuss is to comment on the blogs, polls etc!
2/28/12 8:35:51AM
Looks great Rabi, I wish you nothing but success!

If I had to make one minor suggestion, and it may have already been mentioned, but there is not a lot of contrast when viewing certain pages. This is mostly due to the main font color being similar to the background color. I love the gray color (or the "grey colour" for you brits ;) ) I think it makes for a clean feel but words tend to be washed out when viewing a page with a lot of text such as your poll for UFC 144's "WTF moment". Adjusting either the text or background to a slightly darker tint would improve the overall readability and aesthetics of the page.

Awesome job though man, I'm excited for you and hope you enjoy it. Good luck

2/28/12 8:52:39AM
Thanks mate, Ill get my web designer to look into that, we've had some great feedback and we've already made changes on the back of that, so please keep the feedback coming.
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