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8/31/12 10:50:57PM
Sergio Hernandez was arrested for what is basically DUI Manslaughter.

have at
8/31/12 11:15:57PM
driving = stupidest thing to do while drinking
8/31/12 11:22:50PM
Well, I don't see Nike endorsing this IDIOT anytime soon!

Drunk drivers are amongst the bottom dwellers of society.
9/1/12 1:30:27AM
He faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and a fine of $10,000.

^ hopefully this is what he gets, the maximum. this shit always pisses me off. it's the epitome of stupidity and carelessness.
9/1/12 9:01:18AM
I am so paranoid about drinking and driving for this very reason. Yes, an OUI/DUI would suck big time, but killing someone because of my own foolishness is life changing. How can you recover from this, even if your jail sentence isn't the max it could be? Such a waste of a potential productive member of society, all because they made the choice of drinking and driving. No excuse.
9/1/12 9:58:13AM
20 yrs being the max is bullshit if you ask me. the guy takes a life and he can be walking the streets again? that dont make sense to me. 20 yrs is what you should get if you get caught drinking and driving without killing anyone. in this guys case, they need to have a public hanging. let everyone know if you make a stupid decision like getting behind the wheel while your drunk and you kill someone, we're taking your life. no sitting around for years either, making the taxpayers feeding him or housing him. i'll stop now, i'm getting more pissed thinking about it.