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12/22/08 2:16:55AM
The knockout.

It’s the most feared and decisive ending in all of combat sports. Unlike a submission, where a fighter may be working for position or already have a hold applied, a fight-ending knockout is almost impossible to see coming.

And perhaps that’s what makes it so exciting. A knockout can cause an entire arena to gasp in unison, or force a once prominent fighter to forever change his strategy or weight class.

From Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic’s near-death experience at the foot of Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 70 to the pinpoint precision of Anderson Silva’s dismemberment of Chris Leben at Ultimate Fight Night 5, a knockout can come in all shapes and sizes.

And 2008 was full of them.

12/22/08 3:32:49PM
Imo, the Leben/Silva KO was terribly overrated...

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