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5/5/08 7:47:57PM
I don't really know the answer to this but it seems to me that it might be expanding to much. I know it's good for the sport and that it helps to have more fans which equals more money and better fights. But it really pisses me off when i over hear people talking about it who don't know anything about it. Or the people who are self proclaimed addicts who only just heard of the sport. never back down for example was hollywood trying to capitalize on the growth of the sport, but didn't know a damn thing that interests the audience they were trying to capture. which is why a vast majority of us have taken a vow only to watch it when it appears on hbo. next week. What do you think about mma's rapid growth. Good? Bad? OK? i like that it's gaining popularity but hate that its becoming mainstream.
5/5/08 8:01:46PM
nothing pisses me off more than people who try to talk about the sport with me but dont know what they are talkig about and sometimes dont even know the fighters names they are talking about i think pople should stfu and pay attention to the sport for a year befre opening ther mouth
5/5/08 8:06:26PM
You were all like that at one point. I don't really care. More fans, the better. They may know nothing, so that means I can kick their ass.
5/5/08 8:34:15PM
i love it that lots of my firends are becoming "fanatics" they are always keen for a roll now, and that means i have a variety of life like grappling dummies. lol.
5/5/08 8:42:59PM
it is all part of the transition. trust me, it annoys me too, but it is what the sport needs in order for there to be many knowledgeable fans out there. consider this like the chrysalis stage in the UFC's development; it is serving as the middle ground in the UFC's attempt to become as big as the Big 4 (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL). so just bite your lip and have patience until the general public becomes educated on the sport we hold near to our hearts.
5/5/08 10:30:18PM
i know i'll try but i still can't stand listening to them butcher a ufc fight recap.
5/6/08 4:26:31AM
i completely know where ur coming from and that kind of stuff annoys me aswell, not so much MMA stuff coz still not many people really know it in australia and i dont over hear them talking about it but i REALLY didnt like when the Borat movie came out. Me and my bro had been loving Borat and all Sascha Baren Cohen stuff for a good 2 years before the Borat movie and then when it came out all i heard was bad Borat impressions all the time lol, anyway that really annoyed me.

anyway ....
5/6/08 6:33:32AM
I did a topic on this a few months back.According to the poll,most people believe not
5/6/08 9:32:14AM
Doesn't really bother me any...

I don't really see any problem with the sport becoming mainstream, uneducated fans talking about it, or anything like that... It's like this with any semi-underground type thing... Once it becomes more popular, the original fans start to feel betrayed for some reason... The only way for other people to learn about it is to talk about it, maybe check stuff out on the web, etc... But some people make it sound like only a die-hard fan since UFC I can actually hold a conversation about MMA, and that's a little rediculous...

It's like watching football with my girlfriend... She doesn't know what the hell is going on, and I'm more than happy to answer any of her questions... As long as they're not stupid questions, and she makes me a sandwich afterwords
5/6/08 9:37:32AM
No. I see it being like wrestling-yes, there are only a few big players (WWE, TNA in the US) but there's still plenty of room for the little guys and quite a few indies are thriving. It's much the same with MMA-there are only a couple major leaguers now (UFC, WEC, IFL) but there are some up-and-comers and several smaller organizations doing well between their own local talent the the occasional influx of star power (former UFC guys fighting, current UFC guys making special appearances), and the exposure should help draw more fans to the sport as long as it's not too negative or something happens to give the public such a perception (the death of Sammy Vazquez). It opens more opportunities and that means more money and hopefully everyone's happy.
5/6/08 12:26:45PM

Posted by TimW001

You were all like that at one point. I don't really care. More fans, the better. They may know nothing, so that means I can kick their ass.

i love how all these self professed "know it alls" of mma act like they knew everything about the sport since they came out the womb

i cant have abar conversation about ANY sport w/out hearing someone that is full of shit. get used to it people
5/6/08 1:32:43PM
Is mma growing too much?

Not word for word, but essentially your question. ARE YOU ON CRACK? It's growth is fast but it's still small. You just feel, listening to your friends, like the guy who's g/f hangs around during football games and tries to talk but doesn't knwo what she's saying.

It doesn't matter how big or small it is there's always gonna be someone watching that has an opinion that you think is retarded. That won't matter whether they're an expert or never saw it before.

Cool your, "too cool for the room", jets. I can't wait til this is bigger than football. One day most of the ppl in the room will know what's up, but you can't go from unknown to having everyone be an expert. You're watching this sport grow in a way you never got to see Football or Baseball or anything else grow. You should take pride in being the "expert" in the room, not get mad cuz you are. (notice: how loosely I use the term expert)
5/6/08 3:27:09PM
ok i do see what your saying but I'm asking for your opinion on the matter. not any reason to take shots at my opinion. but i do appreciate the post.
5/6/08 6:57:22PM
I dont think MMA is growing to fast at all. I cant even talk to my friends about MMA for 3 5 minute rounds before they loose interest. why do you think im on here all day.
5/6/08 8:14:16PM
true i only have one friend i can talk to avidly about it.
5/6/08 11:29:13PM
MMA is not becoming to mainstream. There are fans like that in every single sport. Havent you ever seen those football commercials where the guy is talking about stuff but he always gets his stats completely wrong? It's something we all have to deal with, and a lot of the time talking like that just means new to the sport. I'm sure some of those people you are talking about will eventually become more knowledgeable, and the ones that dont can just keep making asses of themselves. And that is why we have a site like this, to talk to the people that know what they are talking about.
5/8/08 10:02:47PM
You can't get annoyed by new fans, but you can get annoyed at uneducated ignorant one's. It is one thing to be new to the sport but still trying to understand what is going on and respect what the fighters are doing versus looking at it as a fight and two guys out to kill each other.

Fans that annoy me are the one's who BOO when a fight gose to the ground or the action slows, and yes it may not be as "exciting" to watch in ther eyes, but they have no clue what is going on and have no respect for the fighters. The Fans that BOO at things like that immediatly show there ignorance to the sport and are the one's i don't like.
5/8/08 10:11:24PM
It is good that the sport is expanding because it is an excellent workout and so fun that ist is making fat. lazy people get into shape
5/10/08 10:22:29AM
i think any growth is good. as for people who dont know what their talking about you had to be one of those people at some point. plus whos to say your the 'expert' you should be happy they want to talk about it and if you know so much then empart your knowledge on them!
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