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2/16/07 12:43:38AM
I just got my first issue of FightSport mag. I choose this one because the book store that is near my work only carries three types of mma mags. Grapple, FightSport, and Black Belt (I know Black Belt isn't mma, but they do feature mma fighters.) Out of the three Fight Sport seems to have some of the best interviews, what does anyone else think? Any other mags to look at?
2/16/07 1:47:10AM
Ultimate Grappling Magazine
2/16/07 3:49:11PM
I occasionally read 'Grappler's Quest'
2/17/07 1:05:06AM
I have a subscription to RealFighter. It is really good.
2/18/07 10:54:35AM
Yeah real fighter is pretty good, it has very informative articles in nutrition and traning
2/18/07 3:16:30PM
Realfighter, Fightsport usa, and ultimate grappling are the only 3 i read
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