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2/16/07 12:20:50AM
Does anybody have any suggestions for which MMA magazine is the best now. I am looking to get a subscription, and didn't realize how many magazines are out now. any suggestions (which one's suck or are outdated by the time you get) will be appreciated
2/16/07 6:54:46AM
Ultimate Grappling and Tapout are both good mags. The only complaint I have with them is they seem to be behind themselves. for example you can buy this months issue and see ads for fights that happened a few weeks ago. Everything else about them is pretty cool. Good technique sections, good fight coverage and product checks.
4/11/07 3:56:03PM
real fighter is good to, but does not have technique section.
4/11/07 4:06:27PM
Fightsport's pretty good.
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