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2/27/09 3:58:40PM
Shinya Aoki was a Japanese Police Officer
Tim Cruedur ( Spelling?) was in the navy.
Big John McCarthy was with the LAPD
Wanderlei was in the military
2/27/09 8:38:28PM
this thread was up a couple weeks ago that might have a couple of things that might be worth adding

25 random mma facts

3/2/09 2:25:15PM
Added some more
3/2/09 4:07:24PM
Troy Mandaloniz nickname really means Gangster in Jamaican Pidgeon.
3/2/09 4:38:34PM
Mousasi's real name is Geghard Mofsesiyan.
3/3/09 11:32:09AM
Fedor and Cung Le have recently had roles in movies.
4/1/09 4:47:52AM
Both of BJ penns brothers have the same name as him
4/24/09 5:55:04PM
The original name for the UFC was War Of The Worlds.
It was coined by Art Davie,but Rorion Gracie had the idea of calling the event "the King of the Beach".
Eventually the name "Ultimate Fighting Championship" was decided upon.
Cam McKid of has the original "war of the Worlds" poster in his private collection.

Don Frye got his nickname "The Predator" from a pet dog he had owned.

4/25/09 1:55:48AM
Fun fact from UFC 22:

With the exception of the main eventers, almost every fighter on the show fought for a flat $1,000 purse because money was so tight.

That list of non-main eventers on the card included Jens Pulver, Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, and Jeremy Horn. What a difference 10 years makes.
4/25/09 9:26:07PM
Steve Jennum ( UFC 3 winner) was a cop

Sean Gannon who fought once in the UFC after being noticed in a famous underground fight beating Kimbo Slice was also a cop. He lost his job after agreeing to fight in the UFC. He was defeated by Brandon lee Hinkle

Chris Lytle is still a fireman. I had the privilage of meeting him in Dublin after UFC 93 and he confirmed this.

Tank Abbott was banned from fighting for the UFC between UFC 8 to UFC 10 after an altercation with Pat Smith at the hotel after UU 95.

On his return at UFC 11 it was all set for him and Mark Coleman to meet in the finals of the nights 8 man tourny but Abbott lost to Scott Ferozzo.

At UFC 9 one of the rules was no punching in the face. If fighters broke that rule they faced being arrested by the police.

At UFC 1 Art Jimmerson ( boxer ) wore 1 boxing glove in his fight with Royce Gracie.

Chuck Liddell was in the pilot of the unsuccesful TV Series of Blade.

Gina Carano was a Gladiator on the TV series of the same name.

4/25/09 10:04:56PM
Randleman broke 2 of fedors ribs when he slammed him on his head.
4/26/09 5:23:50AM
Still dont know how Fedor carried on fighting after that slam. It was awsome.
4/26/09 6:59:39AM

Posted by Rabi

Gina Carano is a Gladiator on the TV series of the same name.

4/27/09 4:25:41AM
Aleksander Emelianenko broke his hand on the very first punch he landed on Morais, and prayed that Morais would fall and the fight be stopped, or Aleks would be one-handed for the rest of the fight.

Fedor mentioned once that Aleks usually would leave the camp for the morning jog way AFTER the team, catch them, and come back to camp first...

As Fedor heard the crowd reaction during the Randleman-Crocop fight from 2004 GP he was walking draped in a Russian flag, and asked what happened. He was told Crocop just got KTFO by a left hook. He cuss'd in amazement and said with glee to his team that Pride's plans have been spoiled.

After winning the "Rings" belt and tournament titles Fedor was to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 40, but Vitor got injured, and Fedor ended up fighting Herring at Pride 23 instead, for the #1 contender spot to Nog's Pride belt and the #1 HW status.

Fedor was not cut by TK, he was actually cut by Arona, and TK only re-opened only a several minutes old cut.

I copied & pasted these
4/27/09 3:51:58PM
Nate Quarry was bought up as a Jehovah's Witness.
4/29/09 7:55:55PM
The number one selling female "adult" toy in Japan is modled after Bob Sapp.
The items claims the only thing bigger is a horse.
4/30/09 5:48:08AM

Posted by mrsmiley

The number one selling female "adult" toy in Japan is modled after Bob Sapp.
The items claims the only thing bigger is a horse.

I have to spread the love.... my goodness...
4/30/09 8:22:14AM
Yeah my draw dropped when I read that one.
It was from the book total MMA.
The small segment on Sapp is pretty interesting.
5/3/09 6:57:42PM
In the first UFC event Gerad Gerdue attempted to bite off Royce Gracies' ear.

Jim Brown,(early UFC announcer and NFL legend) once called a truce between the bloods and crypts.

After commentating at the first UFC event martial arts legend, Bill Wallace would later bash the event in Black Belt Magazine.

5/6/09 11:43:56AM

Posted by mrsmiley

In the first UFC event Gerad Gerdue attempted to bite off Royce Gracies' ear.

I thought it was his arm when Royce tried to slip in the choke?
5/6/09 5:21:28PM
In the book I mentioned above Royce claims it was his ear.
But he probably tried to bite his arm as well.

Here's another one:(Hope this haven't been posted before)

Before becoming a fighter,Vernon White was a male dancer. His dancing days produced his nickname "Tiger".

5/8/09 5:22:38PM
With reagards to Gordeau and the biting, I heard he bit Gracie's ear which is why Gracie held on to the RNC after Gordeay had tapped.
5/9/09 5:42:34PM
I herd that as well.
5/9/09 8:16:03PM

Posted by mentalcase

great list

here's one i know from UFC 1

Gerarld Gordeau bit Royce's ear when Royce was locked up with him trying to get him to the ground, that's why Royce held the RNC for like 5 seconds after the first tap

yeah i already put this on the first page
5/9/09 10:48:15PM
john peretti UFC match maker at the time told Chuck that if he used his wrestling just to take down Noe Hernandez and fight him on the ground he would not be invited back to the UFC
5/9/09 11:20:33PM
Peretti also:
Co-created the glove that would become official to MMA.
Implemented weight classes into MMA.
And if i'm not mistaken was the first to really implement rounds as well.

Was the UFC matchmaker from roughly around 1997-2001.
5/17/09 9:27:50PM
Chris Leban is a registered Rabbi...
5/17/09 9:28:41PM

Posted by SmileR

Chris Leban is a registered Rabbi...

This is a lie!
5/19/09 12:15:13AM

Posted by SmileR

Posted by SmileR

Chris Leban is a registered Rabbi...

This is a lie!

You sure......?
5/28/09 4:27:14PM
One I recently saw, don't think it's here yet:

The longest-tenured UFC employee ever (to date) is Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer. He made his UFC debut all the way back at UFC 10.
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