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9/25/07 12:15:47PM
In my UFC 76 recap yesterday, I stated that I felt that Chuck Liddell was no longer main event-worthy. However, I also thought he would continue to fight and attempt a comeback.

9/25/07 12:37:59PM
I like the idea of stats, but they are lacking in the area of control. Fitch controlled Diego pretty much the entire last two rounds. the stats make it look much closer then I thought it was even though Fitch still won the striking. Diego was active from the bottom, but Fitch was in a controlling position most of the time and big shots land coming out of those chokes. I question a split dec in this match. I don't question the split dec in the Liddell match, it was much closer. I think Jardine won, the stats agree, and he got the dec. In that fight there was zero ground game and both were aggressive so you didn't have to compare apples to oranges.
9/25/07 3:19:48PM
Some Troll the other day was talking about AI Computers scoring fights. Somehow it spiralled into talk about everyone having robotic enhancements and bullshit like that. Everyone dissed him, but here we are talking about basic computer scoring. It's still controlled by people, BUT FOR HOW LONG!!!

Ah just kidding. It's cool that they are finally getting more articulate in judging the fights.
9/25/07 4:39:22PM
They ought to have retired good fighters become judges, Randy if you ever retire, Bas Rutten, maybe even Ken Shamrock. I don't know but I think they could find some guys. Actually maybe not Randy because he trains so many guys that people would say that he was biassed. But I think there is a way to get around that...just don't have him judge that fight.
9/26/07 11:34:58AM
Retired fighters still run camps and would have bias towards the fighters they know or are affiliated with. If somehow that could be eliminated, then I think it would be great, because some of these decision are ludicrous (i.e. the Bisping, Hamill decision).
Also, I think the UFC should hire Bas Rutten for some color commentary for something. I'm not sure what, and I know he works with the IFL but Bas is too cool not to have working with the UFC. I really like Joe Rogan's commentary, but somehow, I think they could work Bas in there and make it even better.
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