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9/14/10 9:23:25AM
I was wondering what your opinions would be if certain things in MMA hadn't happened, or had different consequences, If you have any other ideas please feel free to PM me

Tank Abbott Placed 2nd in the Finals, losing to Oleg Taktarov

Had Tank Abbott gone on to win the Tournment, how would MMA have changed? What would be different?
Due to the fact the ''street brawler'' won in my opinion peoples, ideas or beliefs about MMA would be true, maybe resulting in the decline of MMA...
9/14/10 1:01:34PM
maybe Taktarov starts his movie career sooner...
but I still think that eventualy Tank gets exposed for is 1 trick.....
The next ufc- he gets beat. sport still evolves.
Its possible that the tank VS Kimbo fight happens sooner and maybe he (tank) is in shape and wins and we have no kimbo in the ufc... thats a possibility...
9/15/10 12:22:43AM
what about gracie not winning? theres alot of stuff that could have changes MMA. what if the Fertitta brothers and zuffa would have let the UFC go under?
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