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6/29/07 6:00:59PM
Does any one know of any good MMA gyms near souther cali. like Riverside area ?

only one i know of is La Boxing ... any go there ? do you like it ?
6/30/07 2:50:51PM
There really is none in the Riverside area I personally can recommend. I know of them but I can't recommend them.
7/1/07 1:44:18PM
what about La Boxing ... its in yorba linda
7/1/07 2:12:16PM
Like I said, I can't recommend them. You'd have to go and make your own opinion about it. A few of my students who moved back down there didn't like it because of the BS paperwork (contracts and stuff). It's just heresy on my part.
7/1/07 2:17:20PM
ok ..... i went down there and c hecked it out and my friend just recently signed up for it and likes it so far ... so i was just curious how good they are and stuff, but thanks for the info.
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