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5/27/10 4:20:23PM

I live in Pen Argyl PA and would like to do some training theres an mma gym a few miles from me but it seems so unorganized I'm just wondering if anyone is from the area or close by that knows of any places?
5/27/10 7:18:32PM
There's actually a Martial Arts School directory on here...check it out at the link below:

1/22/11 3:25:15PM
Hey bro,

Definitely check out Daddis Fight Camps. You can find there PA site at

I personally train with them and it is the best school I have found yet (training in the tri-state area for about 6 years). I have trained quite a few other places in PA and NJ and again this place is just overall the best. They have REAL pros who instruct which is always a plus.

3/13/11 5:21:30AM
Yes that is right "Its loose not lose" :)
3/20/11 9:36:02AM
Workout in Gym, otherwise oponent will through you out of ring.
3/27/11 1:12:23PM
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