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9/25/07 11:10:45PM
There is a new gym opening up around here, next to Grossmont center, La Mesa. I believe it is called, "The Boxing Club". It seems to be touching all basses with kick/boxing, mma, fitness, etc. I was wondering if anyone know this chain of gym, and give me some information on it.

Is it worth going to, or is it all classes just geared toward fitness?
Is there going to be real trainers, or just some guy that looks like he can do something?

Anything is nice to know...Thank you.
9/26/07 11:47:04AM
id say go watch a class and see what you think, if its called the boxing clue it would sound like they do stand up but you never know, go talk to a trainer there and see what they have to offer
9/26/07 3:23:34PM
hey shirley, what the hell is with your avatar
9/26/07 5:45:04PM
Its joe rogan doing the splits on what looks like a cardboard mat..

Im not sure why he is doing..but it was on the internet..and looked funny..
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