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11/24/12 4:23:49PM
Hi, I am considering opening up my own business, and one of my choices are to open up an MMA or kickboxing facility somewhere in northern VA for people to come for open training and sparring.

The goal of this thread is to gather each of your experiences at various schools and explain what you liked and disliked, and what you would expect from a great gym. You don't need to give any specific names where you trained. I have personally trained a few years at various kick boxing schools through out northern VA. In my experience, there are lots of problems I've encountered, such as location, training methods, instructors, drills, equipment, sanitation, rules, costs, etc. I know that running any business is serious, and it takes a great deal of dedication and commitment. This discussion would be a good starting point.

So, please share your experiences and thoughts.
11/24/12 4:52:26PM
I've trained at various places across England and Wales so across the pond and I've also taught, overall I've been kickboxing for about 5/6 years and I've been to plenty of clubs to try out and competitions so I'll give you some tips what I liked etc

I like funny and friendly and approachable instructors who are knowledgeable about the sport and competition of it. My favourite instructor was one of my really close friends and he was hilarious.
I've also had instructors whom never put gloves on to spar, it is important for the instructor to put gloves on and learn what it's like to fight his students so they know how to improve. In the end I left a club after I fought the instructor because for so long I was saying put some gloves on and test these techniques combos and he never did.

Stretching. Stretching is a bastard but you have to do it and it's most fun when the instructor gets involved and takes control.

Warm up and cool down again make sure there is one

Times. A one hour session? Seriously what is the point? 15 Minutes of warm up and stretching, 15 minutes of technique, 20 minutes of syllabus or sparring, 10 minutes of cool down. Why bother, make sure classes are 90 minutes to an hour, unless your planning on coaching kids, old people or women.

Competition and grading, make sure your pupils have a reason to keep coming back, get involved in local clubs and try and organise club competitions etc
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