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10/1/07 1:02:07AM
i posted this a few days ago. There are a few things you KNOW are going to happen with certain fights/fighters:

Ricardo Arona can't be subbed....

If you fight with the Hammerhouse camp, you are going to gas....

You can't KO Minotauro Nogueira....

Mark Hunt isn't effected by Crocop's left leg...

Sherk is going win via UD....

Don't ever bet against Randy, because if you're wrong....

Matt Serra will always be a jackass....

James Irvin is the most unlucky fighter ever....

Anyone know of anything i left out?
10/1/07 1:06:17AM
that i will never get any props
10/1/07 3:23:39AM
Shinya Aoki is going to take it to the ground.

Chuck Liddell is not going for the takedown.

When Tyson Griffin fights, it will be fight of the night.

Tim Sylvia will throw the jab.

Before a Japanese fighter gets in the ring, they are going to do some wacky stuff.
10/1/07 6:13:58AM
Fedor is god

Reggie Warren Jr. is the baddest Mofo on the Planet
10/1/07 8:09:32AM
There will always be more Silvas active than any other name in MMA.

There will always be more Silvas than you can remember/keep track of. Even I can't remember them all.
10/1/07 11:48:47AM
If Joe Silva organises a fight so that the obvious 'winner' gets to face [insert fighter here]... then bet your house on him LOSING!
10/1/07 11:52:26AM
You will need to bring a street-slang dictionary to any Rampage interview.

Joe Rogan: Rampage, can you walk us through this fight?

Rampage: Yo man I was jus like god damn i gotta knock this foo out he was all gettin crunk and hyphy up in da damn ring yo so i was gettin crazy up in thurr to had to throw some 'bows y'know how we do thangs?

Audience: *brief stunned silence* *awkward applause*
10/1/07 12:53:55PM
Rich Franklin will have a black eye BEFORE he fights.....

10/1/07 1:16:22PM
Rogan will slip in the phrase " It looks like he really Blew his Wad" whenever a fighter tires after a long flurry.

Big John will always say " Lets get it on" before his fights. Your Welcome.
Captain Obvious Out
10/1/07 1:33:20PM
randy will always have a chance in a fight
10/1/07 2:02:16PM
You got the Arona quote from me didn't you? ... and no, Kevin Randleman is the most unlucky fighter of all time.
10/1/07 2:59:54PM
A Sean Sherk fight is only entertaining when he is losing!

When Nick Diaz fights it will be a brawl.

You can beat Fedor on technicalities, but not in a fight.

10/1/07 3:26:44PM
Shonie Carter will attempt a spinning back fist and react the same way whether he wins or loses.

Kenny Florian will drink Xenergy

Nate Quarry will get way too emotional.

10/1/07 3:28:19PM
Fedor will always get cut

10/1/07 3:30:58PM
Andy Wang will NEVER "take him down"
10/1/07 5:05:13PM

Posted by DevonFoxy

Andy Wang will NEVER "take him down"

that shits funny

chuck gets takin down he will stand right back up
10/1/07 5:09:35PM
Tim Sylvia will always be tall.
Serra and Sherk will always be short.
GSP will always have a French-Canadian accent.
Tito will never be champ again.
Josh Haynes will never win in the UFC. (no matter what division hes in)
Ring girls will always walk counter-clockwise around the ring.
10/1/07 5:50:15PM
Chucky and Wandy will always have a reason/excuse to not fight

Dana White will never go more than 2 sentences without using the F word

Ricardo Arona will never lose a fight in his own mind, even when he is knocked out, and will make excuses accordingly

Pride vs UFC debates will never end

Quinton Jackson and Nick Diaz will never speak like Oxford scholars
10/1/07 6:06:20PM
CroCop will always lose a fight and win 5 more. Also he can KO a horse.
10/1/07 7:11:04PM
1.Forrest Griffin will make a retarded comment but for some reason it will make us laugh.
2.Joe Rogan won't shave
3.Pride guys will gas or as Rogan says"blow their WAD"
4.Tito will get booed when they show him in the audience.
5.The post fight interview will be awkward with everyone.
6.Gabe Ruediger and Andy Wang-Chung will dominate!
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