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7/11/07 8:36:02PM
I just started training and at my gym they offer an MMA class, a grappling class and a kickboxing class. My goal is to compete in MMA, and I can only make it to the gym 2 or 3 days a week, but I was wondering if it would be better to do Grapping( 1-2 days a week) and Kickboxing( 1 day a week) instead of the MMA class( 2 days a week). In the MMA class, they don't spar, which is a huge thing for me and they don't go very deep into the techniques. In grappling class you learn the techniques detailed and in kickboxing you go farther into the striking than in MMA class of course, you also get to spar. Seems like it makes more sense to me, learn detailed techniques and spar insted of learning the jist of it and not sparring. What do you think?
7/11/07 10:07:28PM
you should do kick boxing and grappling for 2 days and mma one day just to help you with transitions from standing to ground
7/12/07 1:20:19AM
You should do 1 year of BJJ at least two times a week before you get to far in any other style. If you have the option of doing 3 days a week then yes do the kick boxing, but if there is choice of adding a 3rd day of BJJ forget the kick boxing. Grappleing is to MMA what crawling/walking is to running.

PS If you want a head start on the striking buy an instructional vid of a great kickboxer and then one of good boxer. Do that once or twice a week just getting the technique.
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