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12/30/07 5:04:44PM
hey guys can you help me decide which mma gloves should i get?because i have a small hands and all those ouano's sherdog's their smallest size is 7inches im not sure if it will fit my hands i need sumthing like this size Small 3 1/4" - 3 3/8"? what brand of gloves can you suggest??
12/30/07 5:55:35PM
I'm using using some century gloves, they don't have alot of padding of the outside. But with soem wraps they're really comfortable.
12/30/07 6:21:12PM
I have century gloves too. I accidently got XL but they fit alright. They're not too tight and they aren't really loose.
12/30/07 6:59:23PM
I have M and they fit very well, but I don't have very big hands (Shut up)

I would suggest getting the gloves a little bit too big so you ave some room for handwraps.
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