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9/12/08 6:41:58PM
9/12/08 8:35:16PM
she/he was throwing for the fences. i am reall not sure how much girl was in her but what the hell she whooped dudes ass.. nice find
9/12/08 9:25:46PM
That dude totally didn't know what to do on the ground once she got the mount yet he totally disrespected her standing up by keeping his arms down trying to look like a badass. Pretty pathetic. The dude was a chump.
9/12/08 11:29:37PM
I would play russion roullete with a single shot if I lost to a girl.
9/13/08 11:09:53AM
Well then you sound like you may be the guy keeping his hands down when fighting one. Girls are kicking ass these days and im not afraid to say Gina Carnano, not to mention this force of nature some might like to call a girl in this video would probably both wo-manhandle a lot of people... BTW heres the LINK for the lazys like me.
9/13/08 12:53:43PM
i don't know why it bothers me, but it does. i hate it when guys lose to girls in fights, it just rubs me the wrong way. it may sound sexist, because it most likely is sexist, but i just can't stand the thought that girls can beat up guys.
9/13/08 2:18:57PM
i think i've seen that chick before im pretty sure shes the same chick from Rio Heroes, eitherway that was pretty funny to watch that guy tap and then act lik he didnt fucken loser.

9/14/08 12:33:32AM
Looked like the guy was holding back a little. Then when he realized "Damn she's pretty tough" he was on the ground getting submitted.
9/14/08 12:47:11AM
Anybody at any time given the proper amount of training and circumstances can win in a fight.

This is just another classic example of someone underestimating their opponent and being made to pay for it.
9/14/08 1:35:24AM
not to discredit her, she's probably one of the toughest chicks on the planet, but the guy seemed like he was almost afraid to hurt her. I don't know if she would've won if he fought her the same way he would fight a man. He didn't really seem like he tried to throw a single real punch. She's definitely the better submission fighter, but I have a feeling if he really tried to knock her out she would've had a rough time.
9/14/08 4:12:57AM
its tough for a guy to spar with a girl. at my dojo like if i hurt the girl then i can see everyone giving me the stink eye out of the corner of my eye but if she beats me then i can see them snikering. i would rather train in a place less sexist so i can compete with all my ability and a girl can do the same so when she and i fight no matter who loses we treat it as a learning experiences and not gym politics.
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