2 MMA fights on Attack of the Show TODAY on G4....

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12/18/07 4:33:54AM
Today on Attack of the show they will air 2 MMA fights which they call "Nerd MMA"....It's basically a fight between 2 real fighters who happen to be "Nerds"(geeks,gamers,techies)

The rules to these fights are a little different...the first round will not be fighting,but a "Nerd Round" which is something like a round of Super Street Fighter or Halo 3(just an example....in other words,something to prove they are real Nerds)..then the next round will be the fight itself,and if it happens to not end by Sub or KO they will go to an other "Nerd Round"

I dont really know how this really works since the last time they did this they didnt do the "Nerd Round" first and the guy got KTFO with a knee in the 1st round

i wanna see these next 2 fights..should be interesting

First fight they gave couple weeks ago..

and Andy Wang is the ref..
12/18/07 4:55:24AM
ive heard of this before, kinda like a spinoff of chess boxing whee they alternate rds til checkmate or ko. i would watch if had the capabilities
12/18/07 8:35:37PM
Ha...this was pretty lame...still entertained me for an hour though

and that last round was only 1 min instead of 2 ...if it were 2 mins Phillip would of prolly got that triangle

I hope G4 gets their own MMA org their network.....G4 is pretty much like SpikeTV in where they have the 18-34 (or whatever) demographic. Maybe that TFA..
12/20/07 12:18:24PM

Nuff said.
12/20/07 5:18:47PM
Lmao.. Yeah.. I'm glad one of the Brown brothers got a win. The younger brother was robbed in his fight because he did badly in the Nerd Rounds. I liked the Asian guy, and he did a pretty good job to get all the Ipods correct. Interesting concept, and as long as the rounds of fighting are as interesting as these two "fights" were, then i'll tune in on those episodes. I usually watch AOTS anyway, but there are days when it's just umbearably hard to stay tuned to the show (like last Friday's "AOTS 1987" episode.. It was so corny. I love the "Made In Japan" and "Asian Underground" sections.. See a pattern?
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