Just got into MMA Fighting and after months I found my gear!

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5/23/08 12:17:49PM
Hey guys I just wanted to see whats going on and also say it's so hard being a woman and finding the correct gear that I'm looking for. I've been into boxing since I was young and watching it with my father growing up. Yet recently I wanted to try MMA, and finding the right MMA clothing that would fit my needs was very challenging. I checked out numerous websites out there but I found the most rockin' pink gloves on Martial Arts Pride.

I'm really starting to love MMA fighting, who is going to be watching the UFC fight this weekend? I'm absolutely going for Tito Ortiz! I hope he goes out with a bang.

Have a good one :)
5/23/08 1:55:49PM
I have been to some ameture mma fights and some of the dudes could use some Pink gloves......

seriously where do you fight (have you fought yet?)
5/23/08 8:24:09PM
welcome to the site.. Title makes some good training gear, good prices as well.. I just got a bunch of stuff from them.
5/24/08 3:17:48PM
5/29/08 3:24:46AM
are there any places to practice in norcal
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