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1/30/10 5:37:39PM
[b]MMA Fighters and Why Personality Matters (Or Does It?)[/b]
By James Ryan


Human nature dictates that we tend to like people that most remind us of ourselves. Not necessarily in appearance (I know what you’re thinking…James Ryan and Brad Pitt must be like two peas in a pod).

I’m referring of course, to personality.

I took an on-line quiz once that matched up my “management personality” with a famous leader in history. I’ll let you stew on that one for a minute or two first.

This generalization is not set in stone of course, as each human being is different in a variety of ways. Some things however, aren’t as different as you may think.

Assuming that you are not the self-loathing type who possesses incredibly low confidence and self-esteem, then the reality is that you would likely be drawn to a another person based on a human “connection.”

We are drawn to values and personal characteristics that remind us of ourselves and of our own moral beliefs.

For example, if you are a huge believer in sportsmanship and honor (notice the use of the “u,” eh?), then some fighters like Shinya Aoki or Tito Ortiz may be a major turn-off for you, and you would in turn, boo them at any given chance

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2/2/10 1:59:57AM
Interesting article and very true I think.
And I would have to agree with him that, yes, personality does matter when it come to mma fighters. I would even speculate that most fan-favorite fighters are chosen because of personality rather than display of talent.

There are several fighters that I despise and some of them are very good fighters, but I only watch them in hopes that they will lose. I get so worked up about things they say to their opponent, say to the crowd, and just how they behave in general. And then, somehow, these fighters still have fans...

Then, my favorite fighters are not always not best in the world, but I like them as a person. I suppose certain traits remind me of myself, but then there are just others that I admire in a person, not necessarily something I possess... but maybe something I hope to one day possess.
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