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5/3/08 6:13:41PM
Does anyone know of a nutrition website that exists for MMA fighters?
5/3/08 7:12:08PM
I dont know of any websites but I seen this on another forum which shows what some fighters said about there diet.
Heres the link
5/3/08 8:55:24PM
yeah, i'm slowly finding out that veggies (non potatos) are great.. they dont weight on you and they put your energy level and homiostasus right back where it vbelongs
5/4/08 4:05:29AM
Basic mutrition is just that, basic. Once you have that down the rest is trial and error.

Everyones body is different, example, I eat tons of dairy and peanutbutter, it is supposed to be bad for you but the fat and sugar are just higher levels that my body performes better at.

You'll find it too.
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