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3/25/08 7:04:50PM
Anyone know which fighters have myspace pages and/or update them regularly w/ bulletins or blogs?

im fairly new to myspace so thought i'd ask......thanks in advance
3/25/08 7:15:01PM
Here is a Link to's myspace page, from there if you look at their top friends they have plenty fighters as their friends (the likes of arlovski, jardine, sherk, chuck, Gsp, and so on) . and if you go to see al their friends they will have plenty more, and also if you click on a fighters profile, they will have more fighters on their top friends, and its like that as the list goes on.

3/25/08 7:25:23PM
thanks, unfortunately i gotta spread the love
3/25/08 7:41:39PM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

thanks, unfortunately i gotta spread the love

no worries
3/25/08 8:01:08PM
i Have alot on my friends list that i have added..But as far as bulletins and stuff wise..Forrest and Chuck always post alot..I doubt that its actually them behind the keyboard but those two usually post a bullentin a day..And i have them as my friend i logged on drunk after a ufc event and they had a bullentin that i replied to and they actually commented me back.
3/25/08 8:04:52PM
Kit Cope does
3/25/08 8:06:27PM
MMA Fighters Myspace
all of the fighters myspaces on that profile are supposedly real.
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