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6/24/08 11:05:51PM
Big Tim- he was fun to watch
K. Shamrock- because of the way he was on TUF
Sam Stout- i met him and he was a real prick

6/25/08 8:34:25AM
to be honest i cant think of any fighters that i used to like but dont any longer. there are fighters i have always disliked, matt hughes, gabriel gonzaga, rashad evans, and a few others. hell i still even root for some of my old school favorites when they fight like pedro rizzo, maurice smith. i might not pick them to win the fight on the playground because i am realistic, but i still root for them during the fight. there have been fighters i was neutral about, didnt like or dislike, that i have lost respect for like melvin guillard. but i cant think of any fighter i was a fan of that i am not still a fan of.
6/25/08 12:05:17PM
Kendall Grove-until he mad his Team dagger crap lmfao

Big Tim- when he threw that ugliest spinning back kick i have ever seen

Houston Alexander-When he said he wasnt K.Oed by James Irvin Superman punch
6/25/08 12:48:00PM
Is this the official bandwagon jumping off / he lost so i dont like him anymore thread? not sure i get when this would be justified excet for mine -

Kendall Grove - liked him as a guy cos he was a stoner and liked him as prospect cos of his height, but every single fight (bar the gimme price one) of his I have picked wrongly! took Tanner and Belcher to beat him but him to beat Rivera and Cote, also took Herman to win TUF so im basically 0-5 with Da Spyder picks
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