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2/4/11 3:29:05PM
Wrestling has lost one of their own. Jose Cortez, 25, father, son, brother and friend passed away on January 29, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jose, an accomplished wrestler and mixed martial arts fighter, died last weekend after a two-year battle with germ cell cancer. His six-year old daughter, mother and father, two brothers, a sister and countless friends and supporters survive him.

Jose was a graduate of Maryvale High School in Phoenix where he placed 4th in the state in 2002, 3rd in 2003 and won the state championship during his senior year in 2004. In addition, he was a three-time All American in freestyle and Greco-Roman and an Honorable Mention All-American in Wrestling USA Magazine.

After high school, Jose began a successful career in mixed martial arts. He won his last fight in November 2008 by unanimous decision over Drew Ficket that yielded a pro record of 6-1. Shortly after defeating the decorated UFC veteran, Jose began his fight against germ cell cancer.

Angel and Henry Cejudo, both graduates of Maryvale High School, were close friends with Jose Cortez. Jose and Angel shared a mat while in high school; the two families have been close for many years. The Cejudos are among the many friends and teammates who will miss Jose Cortez, cherish his memory and carry him in their hearts forever.

For more information on Jose Cortez and how to donate to his family, please visit

A video of Jose Cortez's fight with cancer

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Cortez vs Ficket (good fight)
2/4/11 3:32:29PM
I knew Jose. He was on his way to the UFC. A fresh win off of Fickett (when he was still at his height), a 6-1 record, amazing wrestling pedigree, and tremendous will to suceed.

Theres no stopping Cancer. Jose found out about his during the afterfight medicals. He felt something wrong during the fight. He had tumors on his heart and brain...and still fought through and won.

Everybody should be routinely checked. That means you!

2/4/11 5:04:17PM
So sad....

Wasn't there a Bellator fighter to had cancer, beat it, and came back to fighting?
2/4/11 6:32:41PM
Very tragic for the family and mma in general, rip.

Posted by Makaveli158

So sad....

Wasn't there a Bellator fighter to had cancer, beat it, and came back to fighting?

Yes, you're thinking of WEC veteren Bryan Baker, he actually fought Shmelenko while under Leukimia treatment. He's one tough sob.
2/4/11 6:35:09PM
So young. Pretty terrible thing. There is no money in the cure which makes me wonder with all the money spent on research. But not trying to turn this into a conspiracy thread. These people are very brave. RIP
2/6/11 4:20:20PM
Cortez vs Fickett

It was a good match. Was a split decision. This was when Fickett was at his peak, right after he was suppose to fight Shields...
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