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6/27/07 10:15:18AM
Mixed martial artist Jorge Ortiz, who last fought on the June 8 Total Combat event in San Diego, Calif., has tested positive for Nandrolone Metabolite reported the California State Athletic Commission.

6/27/07 10:56:11AM
A poor show for Ortiz.
6/27/07 10:58:10AM
its a shame do these ment think they arent going to be tested or do they just not care
6/27/07 2:45:31PM
Fighters won't take steroid abuse seriously if they continue to be so weak the puishment if you are caught. They need to at least prolong the suspension, raise the fine, or revoke their liscense to fight permanently.
6/27/07 2:47:36PM
i thitnk instead of random drug testing everyone on the card should be tested before and after the fight
6/27/07 2:50:41PM
I always wondered why they don't do that anyway
6/27/07 9:14:56PM
I think that they do not test everyone because of the cost. It is not cheep to do the tests.
As for the guys that are doing it, they have no right to be in the sport. They are bringing a bad name to the sport and should be given harsher punishments then they are getting right now.