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10/22/12 7:16:26PM
What I mean is we can pick a guy like Hendo and I would label him MMA's most fearless fighter, then I cite why. I wanted to see if anyone could pull ones out I hadnt heard of.

For instance here are mine (hendo gets two nods)...

Dan Hendo (2)
-Most fearless fighter-
-Most transcending success-
Took on prime Wanderlei and wasnt scared, won the rematch for the title, fought Big Nog at HW when Nog was #1 in the world. Went into two title fights in the UFC and never showed fear, went on to win strikeforce 205 gold and took out his favorite pride fighter Fedor in his specialty, then beat Shogun in the UFC.

Yushin Okami
-Worst gameplanner-
Formerly one of the worst matchups in the division for anyone Okami turned to striking with only his jab and pissed away fights with Munoz, and was far too patient against Silva when he could have been Silva's most difficult stylistic matchup.

BJ Penn
-Most wasted talent-
Talent got him 2 titles and 5 shots at said titles, but couldnt secure what he arguably deserved, championship legacy. Cardio let him down time after time when he had better striking, incredible tdd, and world class BJJ

I'm interested to hear your mosts' and leasts'
10/22/12 7:58:23PM
-Best turtle impression- Brock Lesnar

-Best career decimating sucker puncher- Paul Daley

-Best pot smokers- Diaz brothers

-Best attitude- Pat Barry (if he stops hugging people mid fight)

-Best career reviver- Mark Hunt

-Best career faceplant - Jon Jones
10/22/12 8:07:21PM

Posted by infestructure

-Best turtle impression- Brock Lesnar

10/22/12 8:34:20PM
best comeback from retirement- randy couture
- randy came out of retirement to fight big timmy, no body else has ever come out of retirement with that kind of success.

best and worst weight cutting in MMA- Anthony Johnson.
-the dude SOMEHOW made 170lbs for all those ufc fights but then when he finally decides to move up he cant make the weight cuts anymore?

most successful fighter without ever winning anything- Kenny florian
- he's fought at the highest levels of multiple weight classes with multiple title fights and came as close to winning TUF without actually winning.
-honorable mention goes to jon fitch because very few people have beat him but he's never seen a title.

10/22/12 9:06:52PM
Best at blocking punches with his face
Chris Leben

Greatest capacity to take a beating and still be conscious
Fabio Maldonado
Honorable mention: Dan Henderson. Honestly his ridiculous chin would have earned him first place a week ago prior to the one sided beat down Maldonado took.

Best Leg Kickin'est sumbitch:
Jose Aldo
Honorable mention: The now retired Antoni Hardonk

Worst Gameplanner:
I'd have to say Thales Leites for his showing against Silva

Best Grizzly Adams beard impression:
Johnny Hendricks

Most embarassing KO victim:
The now deceased Sherman Pendergarsdt for getting knocked out cold by an Antoni Hardonk leg kick o' doom.

Best comeback:
As much as I want to give the nod to Boetsch, I'd have to say Silva from first fight with Sonnen.
Honorable Mention: As mentioned above, Boetsch's combeback against Okami
10/22/12 9:11:58PM
I might give best comeback in a fight to Shamrock in Frank vs Tito title fight.
10/23/12 12:14:06AM

Posted by UFC_Fanatic

Best Grizzly Adams beard impression:
Johnny Hendricks

I think mine would go to either Evan Tanner or Dave Herman and his full body beard
10/23/12 11:55:42AM
Worst entrance music: Miguel Torres for whatever that weird nonsense is
10/23/12 6:33:49PM
Worst Gameplanner

I got Kamal Shalorus hands down
10/23/12 11:59:25PM

Posted by kingsmasher

Worst Gameplanner

I got Kamal Shalorus hands down

Over Jorge Gurgel??

Best TUF personality surprise, Kimbo Slice
Best Bad Guy, Ortiz
Best sob story, Jens Pulver
Best Pride purchase, Big Nog

Worst bad guy, Koscheck
Worst TUF Guy turned Champion, Griffin
Worst TUF Coach, Nelson
Worst Pride Purchase, Cro Cop
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