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12/20/12 10:12:54AM
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"I'm dangerous," 23-year-old Garrett Holeve warns as he bounces around a bedroom in his parents' suburban, single-story house, throwing punches and kicks. A pungent combination of protein-powered farts, dirty laundry, and ball sweat permeates the air.

"I'll hurt a guy real bad," Garrett brags. "I'll be covered in too much blood, and I'll keep hurting him. Kick him in the mouth so hard the mouth guard flies out."

The words don't roll off his tongue. They bunch up in his throat and pour out in a slurred manner that's difficult to understand. This is just one of the ways Garrett's Down syndrome manifests itself.
12/20/12 10:20:22AM
Good for this kid, it's great that he has something he's so dedicated to. I imagine it's going to continue to be difficult to find him exhibition fights even if the opponents know not to try and knock his head off. It's kind of a lose-lose for his opponents in some respects, but just giving the kid a chance to compete is pretty special if that's what he wants to do.
12/20/12 10:44:18AM
Good for him. Really inspiring.
I hope he accomplishes his goals.
12/20/12 2:59:06PM
Legend. Thanks for posting that dude, makes me happy to read this stuff, fuck his family who think it's cruel, cruel is not allowing him to do what he wants.
12/20/12 4:26:47PM
When a song by 50 Cent ends on the radio and the DJ announces a Chris Brown track, Garrett looks up midchew and says, "I'll beat the shit out of him," referring to Brown. Why? "Because he beats women."

this is hilarious.

very inspiring story. i like that stephan bonnar got involved too, it makes up for a lot being that he popped on the piss test after the silva fight. i still like the guy though, the PED's were a huge mistake though.
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