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3/1/07 7:31:00AM
Combat do Fighting Challange #11, whos going, im gonna be there for sure, if anyone else that post here is going let me know
3/1/07 5:28:08PM
Give me some details about the event?
3/2/07 1:43:17AM
3/4/07 4:24:05PM
I might go. I'll post back here if I end up going.
Have you been to one of these events before? Is it any good?
3/6/07 4:02:01PM
I would save your money and go to the IFL event they are going to have at the Sears Center, which is in Hoffman Estates, a suburb of Chicago.
3/6/07 6:22:16PM
have anyone been to one of these before?
3/9/07 4:04:08AM
ive been to two xfo events in chicago.
3/11/07 9:03:44PM
Ive never been to a combatdo event , im going this time to check it out and to check out their gym, cuz im thinking about changing schools.
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