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2/19/07 4:10:48PM
2/19/07 5:35:43PM
I don't understand why someone would do this but i will admit it gave me a few cheap laughs.
2/19/07 8:26:43PM
THat was pretty damn hilarious.
2/19/07 8:31:07PM
Cheap, but funny
2/20/07 12:01:51AM
Hilarious, should be a great fight.
2/20/07 8:58:23AM
Josh "100 Thread Count" Koscheck. Nice!
2/20/07 10:16:16PM
I was watching it as it happened because I was doing research for a post I was making at the time and noticed some changes when I returned to the page. I am an habitual refresher of webpages... it's a webmasters curse

Apparently, the prank started on's UG forum with a slew of Sanchez fans. I found this out after the mayhem had finished and picked myself off the floor from laughing so hard.

Glad you all like it, there will be more to come on the site and be sure to check the site for Pride 33 and UFC 68 videos immediately following the PPV events... that's what we do best!!

MMA Fever

2/20/07 11:27:10PM
OH wow that is funny. Too bad KOS prob doenst give a crap.
I wish people would stop messing with Wikipedia. Its a awesome site.
2/21/07 11:57:44AM

Great stuff, that blog is one of the best i've seen, great job Greg
2/21/07 12:46:12PM
well kos sucks so i find it hilarious
2/21/07 3:11:13PM
Ha!ha! Pretty funny, i dont really like him but he is definetly no joke, he is rapidly becoming well rounded and a top contender.
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