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7/28/08 2:32:25AM
It’s called fastball for a reason, folks. Now let’s get to it.

Fedor erases all doubt who the number one heavyweight in the world is: When Fedor was the PRIDE Heavyweight Champion almost everyone— especially this writer—was absolutely convinced that he was the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world. Along with this, most were pretty sure that he would dispose of his UFC counterparts quite easily.

But then two things happened. First PRIDE fell and Fedor found himself out of work, creating a situation by which he went over two years without fighting a heavyweight contender. Second, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic went over to the UFC and performed very poorly, causing most people’s confidence in the former PRIDE organization’s heavyweight division to be shaken.

But then came July 19th and Affliction: Banned. If you’re still doubting Fedor’s greatness after his 36 second destruction of former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia, something is wrong.

7/29/08 3:02:40PM
I think Fedor might be the best HW but I also think that Couture and Arloski would be tough fights for him. (i always feel like AA has a lot of untapped potential and that he could be truly great if he finds that "special something" that makes legendary fighters)
7/29/08 3:04:50PM
I think Fedor's toughest fight would be Josh Barnett.
8/4/08 5:07:45PM
I am very guilty of hating on the guy for not fight top fighters but after him blowing through Big Tim I got to hand it to him. Randy will be his defining fight for him to prove his self as the best HW ever. I still think he will beat Randy because everything Randy is good at Fedor is better. As for him being the best P4P fighter he is in the top 10 but not number one. Like Frank Mir said the best P4P means is you were to match these guys up at the same weight would there skills be better than the other fighter.
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