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1/25/07 9:36:11PM
Sup. I got invited here by Sticksta13 from the DOG. I like what I see so far.

I'm 30, from Ct. I wrassled a little in high school. Served in the Corps. Trained in L.I.N.E and did some boxing. Nothing special.

I'm a big MMA fan. UFC=PRIDE IMO. Standup = Groundgame. I love the sport.

I have my favorites. I can't say I really dislike any fighter out there, although guys like Baroni or Ed Herman can't keep my attention.

I love Mirko, but I don't see his stay in the UFC being a cake walk. We all saw what happened to Heath tonight....I'm still shocked.
1/26/07 2:00:11AM
welcome man i'm from ct too
1/26/07 2:06:14AM
hey man welcome, so you know Sticksta13 from Sherdog? small world!!
8/9/07 11:26:46PM
I am from CT too. Attended many MMA as possible at Mohegan Sun Casino all the years. I will go for Gobal Fighting Championship next week and IFL World Grand Prix Final too on Decmeber 29th. Darn, I missed World Combat League there too. Have a nice summertime!
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