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3/6/07 6:50:27AM
Hi Everyone,

I'm Martyn, 19, from Surrey England.

I have been an MMA fan for as long as I can remember (6 or 7 years). I run an online MMA store, specialising in Tapout clothing at the moment (PM me for details.)

I'm a fan of MMA in general, I watch Pride, UFC, Cage Rage, IFL, K1 mainly but watch clips of other orgs.

Cage Rage 20 is the only event I have been to live and it was amazing! Really enjoyed it and will be going again!

MMA along with my Girlfriend are my passions and I find it hard to go a couple of days without checking forums for News and Rumours!

Looking to join a UK based Fight Camp and make some friends.

Thanks for reading.
3/6/07 2:10:30PM
Hey man welcome to the site. My camp is looking fro some new members. And we accept not matter what nationality you are.
8/11/07 12:45:32PM
Welcome bro.
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