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6/29/08 12:26:08PM
With mixed martial arts continuing to gain mainstream popularity, local boxing promoter Keith Stoffer said he wouldn't mind if MMA disappeared.

"It's no secret that this movement has, especially on television, taken away from boxing," Stoffer said.

He may end up getting his wish, at least temporarily.

On Tuesday, state Rep. Robert J. Valihura Jr., R-Beau Tree, introduced legislation that would ban "combative fighting" in Delaware.

House Bill 501, which is being called the "Toughman Legislation," lumps MMA with Toughman competitions.

The bill defines Toughman events as elimination tournaments between amateur participants without any boxing experience or training.

The bill would ban both forms of fighting in Delaware. Promoters and fighters who violate the law would face class A misdemeanor charges.

6/29/08 12:53:44PM
hmm.. there is ways around that.
6/29/08 1:59:16PM
well it is only delaware which is small. so its kinda whatever.
6/29/08 2:39:39PM
Leon Tabs, who trains Stewart and also has worked ringside as a cutman for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since the popular MMA league's inception in 1993, said MMA actually is less dangerous than boxing.

"I thought it was brutal initially," he said. "But now I'm not sure it's as brutal as boxing."

Tabs said there are fewer direct shots to the head in MMA, and fewer sparring sessions during the weeks heading into a fight, making it less physically taxing for participants.

I like this guy...
6/29/08 3:57:52PM
This is rediculous! I think you would be preety hard pressed to find a MMartist that hasn't trained in some form of boxing.
6/29/08 4:10:35PM
This sentence summed it up: "It's no secret that this movement has, especially on television, taken away from boxing," Stoffer said. It even notes he's a boxing promoter, hence his motivation-he sees MMA as running him out of business. More like a personal vendetta here.
6/29/08 5:06:49PM
Whats the problem? Sucks to be Deleware.

Think of how fast MMA is becoming the worlds most popular sporting event, think of all the revenue Deleware will be screwing itself out of (assuming any MMA venues even wanted to set up shop in friggin Deleware, it's like the class nerd turning down the home coming queen for a date without being asked.)

Here's an Idea Deleware, how about you ban color tv and that new fangle light bulb too.
6/30/08 1:28:56AM
DelaWhat? That sh!@ is wack
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